Conclusion to Endless Seeking

“Ah, imagine now what it will be like to have nothing left to learn, nothing left to become. The pressure is off. The alchemy has occurred. The coal has become a diamond. Ah, imagine now being able to forget all ideas of self-improvement, imagine how much time will be saved by this quest coming to an end. But what now will you do? What now will you be?” (ACOL, E.1)

We have finally “made it.” Jesus is encouraging us to be satisfied with our progress, not to keep seeking, to know that we are safe and in the hands of God. We are The Accomplished, though we may, for a long time perhaps, continue to doubt this. He has encouraged us to realize that there must come a stop to our seeking. We who have constantly wanted more, now have it.

He is assuming, of course, that all of us have received Christ-consciousness, and that is not for certain in all of us. All of us, though, have had glimpses of what Christ-consciousness means and is, and it is these glimpses that will save us. We will know, when we are particularly mellow and gentle with ourselves, that this is what Awakening really means. For us who have taken to heart A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, the Awakening is easy and abundantly gentle. We have been carefully prepared. All we have to do now is wait for God’s hand to lift us up. And then all will truly be well.

Dear God,

Thank You for the glimpses of You that I am receiving today. These glimpses offer me a warm and fuzzy feeling of well-being. Thank You so much.

May the day play out well. Stay with me, allow me to feel Your presence.


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