Time of New Beginnings

“You will not realize that everything has changed until you “realize” or “make real” that change. Let this revelation come to you. All you need do is expect it to come and it will come. So be it.

You will also not realize that you have chosen nothing until and unless you realize that everything has not changed. Let this realization come too if it must. And make a new choice. The future is up to you.” (ACOL, E.11 – E.12)

“The future is up to you.” This is Jesus’ version of the New Age credo, “You create your own reality.” Few of us have taken this credo to heart, and those who have are frightened by it all too often. We have very rudimentary knowledge of how to control our thoughts, much less our feelings, and the idea that it is we who are in control, ultimately, is very scary, and also contrary to traditional Christian doctrine. We don’t make decisions, though, if we are smart, that don’t involve guidance from our Higher Power. In reading A Course in Miracles, this Higher Power is the Holy Spirit, but now we learn, in A Course of Love, that our inner Self is merged with God and gives us guidance about matters large and small.

We don’t flounder, thinking that whatever we think about will materialize. That isn’t quite what true reality is all about. We do watch our thoughts, keeping the slant positive (if possible), for negativity breeds negativity, like attracts like. We are well-advised to seek for guidance at every turn, moment by moment with hearts full, we live with our knowledge of God’s purpose with us. This becomes habitual; we live with God’s warmth, and He gives us the best that He can offer. His wish is that we accept His blessings always, though sometimes our own stubbornness gets in the way.

Let now be a time of new beginnings. So often we make New Year’s resolutions that don’t stick. Let them stick this year. Live from the heart, but engage the mind as well—“wholeheartedness,” as Jesus says. Live with a thought for other people, for the brief time of self-centeredness that we encountered in getting shorn of the ego is now over. We live best when we live in community with others, our brothers and sisters. There is a reason that we are in a world filled with people.

Take the time today to give some consideration, heartfelt consideration, to what we want to do in the New Year. We don’t have much time before January 1 will roll around. Make these moments count, to be ready to fulfill hopes and dreams in the best way in 2018.

Dear God,

I lead with my heart today, feeling Your warmth enfolding me. This warm feeling is my way of knowing that You are trying to get my attention as You live through me. I am one whole, merged with You. My finite mind struggles to know more, but I know that I will discover more when You deem that I am ready for revelation.

Be with me today in this cold wintertime. Be with me all the way through 2018.

Thank You.


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

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