Take Heart Now

“When you meet what you would have before seen as difficulties, as you encounter a world where love still does not seem to reign, when you meet that which would oppose love, remember that you are now the bridge between this creative tension of opposites becoming one. Remember that this is creation in the making. Remember that you are a creator. Never forget that in being who I Am being, you extend only love.” (ACOL, E.24)

We have a mission in this world. It is to spread our love, the love that we have felt from Jesus and God Himself/Herself, outward into the world. And when we encounter difficulties, this is just when we are needed, and needed badly. We can succeed in creating a new world, for we have the help of unseen angels, and we have the help of the Self who we are becoming, the Christ-Self who has dwelt within us, unknown while the ego ruled. And the ego has been banished for all time (we hope).

If difficulties arise in our little world, the spot that we inhabit with our significant others, know that turning to the Lord is our Answer. He knows when we have encountered something over which we have little or no control. And He will provide the means to eliminate discontent in our lives. We can listen, moment by moment, and the way to proceed will be told us. We don’t have to wonder if this is happening; we can know that it is. The way back to Love is set forth for us in A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, and other works (like The Way of Mastery) channeled by Jesus, and, indeed, others as well. We don’t have to wander in the woods, lost. We can know, for knowledge is now ours.

If difficulties arise in the outer world, we may falsely think that we can’t make a difference. But we can. The thoughts of our inner mind make a difference. Prayer makes a difference. Only when we give up and think there is nothing we can do, do we find the way opened to us by God Himself. There are only seven degrees of separation between us and the whole world; this was written about a few years back. And these seven collapse into nothingness when we set our minds and hearts to making a difference, making a change for the better.

Don’t fret about difficulties; they will diminish as we walk further along our pathway. We need only hold fast to what we know now in order to know more. Knowledge builds on knowledge. And is the panacea that we need and want.

We are proceeding along the Way. Don’t lose heart now.

Dear God,

I would leave difficulties in the past, not dwell on what is now gone. If I dwell on the past, it may revisit me, as I will attract it by my thoughts and feelings. I am through with the dead past. I long now to walk into the sunlight with You.

Thank You for guiding me so precisely. And grant that my faith will enlarge to foster the best and highest that I know. That You know, too.


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