Listen with Our Heart

“This is not to say that you will find this Course or the end of learning to be easy. Yet it is your difficulty in giving up your attachment to learning through the application of thought and effort that creates the perception of this Course’s difficulty. Thus it is said to you to take this Course with as little attachment to your old means of learning as is possible for you. If you do not understand, accept that you do not understand and go on. Listen to the words as if they are spoken to you, for such they are. Listen as you would listen to a friend in conversation. Listen simply to hear what is being said. Listen simply to let the words enter you.

“This is recommended for your first reading of the Course.” (ACOL, A.5 – A.6)

We are considering the appendix to A Course of Love now. Jesus gives hints that will help us in making ACOL ours. And the first and possibly most important recommendation is to take it easy with the Course. Listen to its words as you would listen to a friend. Intense study is not only unnecessary but undesired. We discover the peace underlying the word when we ourselves are peaceful. We can’t be peaceful with highlighter in tow.

Read the words with a gentle mind. Imagine that our hearts are welling up from within us. Listen to our heart as we read; let it tell us what we have long neglected to hear. The heart knows by intuition, not heavy study, not analysis. The heart will guide us rightly now, and in the end will guide the mind to better thought processes also. We will approach right thinking from a different sort of advice from Jesus. We will see the “art of thought” as a miracle-minded approach that will actually come very close to solving all of our problems, real and imagined.

When we read with a highlighter in tow, we think with our analytical mind, and we are very far from miracle-minded thought. Miracles come to us unbidden, and they solve problems that we didn’t even know that we have. Don’t tense the brow and become convinced that we can live well after much consideration of what ACOL says. Let the words sing. And singing should not be effortful.

Dear God,

I am willing to let the words of A Course of Love speak to my heart, at first only to my heart. Then I ask that my mind become engaged, but only with miracle-minded thought. I would know miracle readiness today. Send me on the missions that You would send me on, a clear mind and a soft heart to do Your bidding.

Be with me as I seek to discover the depths to ACOL. But not by struggle. By ease and the Love that You alone can give me.

Thank You.


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

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