Show the World the Real Person whom We Are

“In wholeheartedness, then, you are ready to return to a second reading of the Course. In wholeheartedness you will find difficulty falling away and understanding arising. You are beginning to know yourself in a new way. You are beginning to know yourself without the perceptions and the judgments of the mind. You are beginning to know yourself as you truly are and you will begin to hear the language of the Course as the language of your own heart.” (ACOL, A.8)

When we reread A Course of Love, we begin to feel as if we are saying some of these things ourselves. This is because we are listening with our heart, a heart that is part of the One Self. Moreover, our mind has now acquiesced to the heart, being led by the heart to a better way of thinking. Becoming as we truly are is one major outcome to reading ACOL. We have dropped pretenses, and we have turned aside from the ego. We are just ourselves, pure and simple. We don’t try to wear shoes that don’t fit.

If it seems as though ACOL was written just for each of us individually, this too was a goal of Jesus in the writing. When we assume our true being, we have more in common with each other than we have differences. Our distinct personalities don’t touch the core of us that is the same in all people. With this truth, we begin to comprehend why we have had so much discord in the past. We saw our distinctions as barriers to true communication. We might laud diversity in our culture, but many of us find day-to-day living with diverse brothers and sisters to be a real challenge. Knowing that the Self of each of us is composed of the same energies will go a long way to allow us to be accepting of uniqueness, accepting of sameness.

We understand more of ACOL when we reread it. It becomes second nature to us. There is no better way to spend our quiet time. A Course in Miracles prepared us for ACOL, and now we have the identity, the new identity, that ACOL hoped to establish for everyone.

Dear God,

Thank You for guiding my rereading of A Course of Love. Be with me as I seek to discover the depths in this information, to glean from it the true knowledge that Jesus would impart. Be with me as I drop pretensions and show the world myself just as I am.

Thank you for this gift of a great work. It built on A Course in Miracles when many of us were fearful of proceeding without an ego. Now we truly know that one is not needed.


2 thoughts on “Show the World the Real Person whom We Are

  1. Advanced Research Technology

    I’m finding this really interesting reading. Not because I read ACOL myself, aside from your posts, but it mirrors that which Yeshua/Jesus is doing in me. It’s like reading the same course.


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