Jesus: “My Strength Will Support You”

“Please read these three principles as often as you can today, as if there were going to be a quiz this evening. This is merely to introduce structure, if it is needed. It is not to frighten you. Do not feel guilty if you are doubting these principles. Just re-read them and their truth will come to you. My strength will support you, so don’t worry and leave the rest to me.” (ACIM, COA ed., T-1.3)

Jesus is here talking about the first three principles of miracles, quoted yesterday in this blog. He is talking specifically to Helen and Bill, but we can take his message to heart for ourselves as well. He is having Helen and Bill lean on him directly (“so don’t worry and leave the rest to me”), because he has not yet introduced dependence on the Holy Spirit.

Later on in A Course in Miracles, Jesus encourages us to imagine walking along the pathway of life by holding his hand. He indicates that this will not be a mere fantasy. At one point he says that he will come to each of us upon a “single, unequivocal call.”

I think we can take Jesus at his word. He is spirit, and so there is (as someone pointed out to me) no form to clone, but there is, we can believe, a focus of consciousness. And Jesus can apparently focus his consciousness toward many people at the same time. His evolution is such that he boggles our minds.

If we are loathe to depend on the Holy Spirit just yet, then turn to Jesus as our friend. He will “talk” to each of us in the manner that we can most quickly assimilate. We can, indeed, ask him what the first three miracle principles really mean, and we will get insight that is not of this world.

One Reply to “Jesus: “My Strength Will Support You””

  1. Hi Celia

    Logically-speaking it seems likely that Jesus does not need to focus on many beings at once, a feat that would call into question the meaning of ‘focus’ here, but that many beings may focus focus on the singular Christ should they choose to do so. Just a thought. The end result is the same. .

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