Physical Relationships

“Heterosexual attitudes can be similarly distorted, but do contain a more natural potential. Sex relations are intended for having children. You have misunderstood sex, because you regard it as a way of establishing human contact for yourself. This has led to body-image problems.” (ACIM, COA ed., T-1.18.4:1-4)

Jesus’s statement here about the purpose of sex, being to have children, does not, to my mind, have to be all-inclusive. He is making a point here that he makes elsewhere in A Course in Miracles. We, in our ignorance, try to find in physical relationships the closeness that we crave. This sense of solace and comfort is actually not achievable in physical relationships.

Most of us can conclude that being close to a brother or sister helps us fulfill our need not to be alone, though. Yet many of us have been trying to find in sex the only fulfillment that we would have. And this is a misuse of a biological urge put in us by our Creator.

We have sought human contact in sex, of course, as Jesus says. We have idolized physical relationships in our culture. Sex is used to sell products every time we turn on television. And this is one of the ways that “body-image” problems arise, what Jesus is talking about here.

We would be wise to seek for our fulfillment in the eternal, not the all-too-often transience of human relationships, whether sexual or not. If we reach for the harmony, peace, joy, and serenity of loving our brothers and sisters, irrespective of our sexual attraction or lack thereof, we will be on the right track. We certainly are never asked by Jesus to give up sex. Our feelings for others are planted in us by God, and we would do well to practice a reverence for these feelings that will give us peace and joy.

Dear God,

Thank You for the gift of sex and physical closeness. May I never take it for granted, or seek in it a fulfillment that goes awry. Our urge for another as a means of fulfillment is blessed. When

I dedicate my unions to love itself, I am sure that I am on the right track.
Be with me today as I walk about the world of bodies. Let me not decide that a body is what I really want. The Self of the other is what I am seeking to experience.


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