“Prayer can be very specific in little matters. If you need a coat, for example, ask me where to find one. I know your taste well, and I also know where the coat is that you would eventually buy anyway. If you do not like the coat afterwards, that is what would have happened anyway.” (ACIM, COA ed., T-1.25.5:1-4)

Jesus is here encouraging Helen to get his help in all the little mundane matters of life. There are many helpers on the Other Side; we don’t all have to trouble Jesus with the little things. But the fact that help is available does indicate that we ought to avail ourselves of it.

We live in a larger world, this one and one that we can’t see and can only imagine. It is this larger world which stands ready to help at every junction.

Try it and see. Ask for help in all the parts of our lives. See if it isn’t possible to lead a charmed life this way.

And give thanks when the help arrives. This puts us on the wavelength of love, and love is the great solver of all questions/problems.

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