Listen, Learn, and Do

“The slogan for this Crusade is ‘Listen, learn, and do.’ This means:

“Listen to my voice, learn to undo the error, and do something to correct it.

“The first two are not enough. The real members of my party are active workers.” (ACIM, COA ed., T-1.26.6:5-9)

The easy way in which Jesus speaks to us in the new complete (and annotated) edition of A Course in Miracles is highlighted by this quotation in which Jesus stipulates that he wants “active workers.”

This doesn’t mean sacrificial effort, though, as he points out elsewhere in this edition. Edgar Cayce, the great psychic, gave numerous readings toward the end of his life in a sacrificial gesture that shortened his life. Jesus indicates that this was a mistake, that he himself did not do such.

Jesus’ death on the cross is not sacrificial, as Jesus explains. It was meant to show that even in outrageous circumstances one does not have to become defensive. He had not hurt anybody, and he had healed many. Instead, we look to the resurrection of a body, in some other form (as said in A Course of Love), to be the Atonement.

So our active working for salvation, the mission of Jesus, is meant to keep us busy but not deluged. He does want us to be busy in this mission, but we do have to use common sense and not let our guilt at not being any more perfect keep us tied to a sacrifice that is not only unnecessary, but is undesirable.

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