We Have Been Given Everything

“Truth is always abundant. Scarcity leads to overeating and other false drives. Abundance eliminates these. Those who perceive and acknowledge that they have everything have no need for driven behavior of any kind.” (ACIM, COA ed., T-2.39.2:4-7)

Truth is one of the intangible outcomes to abundance, and abundance is the law of attraction in operation. We have been given everything, as A Course in Miracles makes clear in other passages as well as this one. We do not recognize that everything, of course, because we are finite, and knowing that we have everything requires a mind that is open to eternity, for it is in eternity that we do have everything.

The law of abundance is the idea that what we inwardly ask for, we will receive. It can be a secular idea, but the best reading of it (as with all things) is to invite the spiritual in. We are not long pleased with material objects that feed the ego; we are constantly striving for more and more, more and different, not satisfied for long.

Intangible blessings, especially the peace that passeth understanding, has none of this drive to acquire more. Peace is all or nothing (though we may not perceive it this way). And peace is our due when we invite this great calm. And all we need do is ask.

Note: I have a new blog on the spiritual dimensions of the law of attraction, entitled “Thou Shalt Receive,” a blog that is being well-received. I welcome your visits: http://halesceliaelaine.wordpress.com

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “We Have Been Given Everything

  1. biscuitfeatures

    This makes sense. I have grown up in a low-income family; my family now has a reasonable income, but still we struggle. I find myself driven to spend – in my logical mind I can see that I am digging a hole for myself, but at some deeper level I know that a sense of scarcity is compelling me to buy and hoard and avoid facing the reality that we can’t afford everything I decide I want. It’s a complicated thought process, but you’ve given me a big push forward to work out exactly where this misplaced need to spend is coming from, and how I can redirect to the One who is the source of everything – and so acknowledge that I have indeed been provided for abundantly.

    Thank you!!


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