A Miracle is Never Lost

“A miracle is never lost. It touches many people you may not even know, and sometimes produces undreamed-of changes in forces of which you are not even aware.” (ACIM, COA ed., T-1.46.1:1-2)

We are lost in mystery in this world. And this is true for the effects of the expressions of love that we exhibit, our miracles. We don’t know how broad the umbrella of our force actually is. It seems to be very large indeed.

We are seven degrees apart from virtually everyone on earth, this calculated by secular, not spiritual, means. If we know someone, and then that someone knows others, by the extension seven times, we have known all on earth. An amazing thought. It serves our purposes here when we realize how the ripples of influence spread out. Our thoughts, expressed, our expressions of love, mean a great deal. So keep in mind that each of us doe make a difference, and that difference can be for good or ill.

Miracles reach out, and that is what we are really about. Miracles prompted by Jesus, as he explains in A Course in Miracles, for he knows the whole picture. Aren’t we lucky to have someone so in the know guiding us?

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