In Times of Temptation

“Child of God, you were created to create the good, the beautiful, and the holy. Do not lose sight of this. Invite me to enter anywhere temptation arises.” (ACIM, COA ed., T-1.46.7:1-3)

“The good, the beautiful, and the holy.” This phrase antedates The Way of Mastery, and these words reappear in this later channeling. The one who channeled (and continues to channel) Jesus, Jayem, emailed me that Jesus had prevented him from reading A Course in Miracles, a directive, as it were. So Jesus himself is responsible for this turn of phrase.

What does this beautiful phrase actually mean? It is what we are to be about in this world. And in changing this world, and, ultimately, in creating a new world. The words are actually synonymous, though we recognize that there are differences among the words. May we listen to Jesus today, and do what we can to lead a beautiful life while carrying out his instructions to create the “good, the beautiful, and the holy.”

If we sense that we are about to take the wrong turn, let us turn to our leader, Jesus, to refrain from allowing temptation to have its way with us. None of us are above temptation. Actually it is the last vestiges of the ego in ourselves. The ego is one way to look at the hated and feared “devil.” The ego does not mean us well. Historically and traditionally, we have seen the devil as the tempter.

Jesus at this point in A Course in Miracles is taking upon himself the role that will later be assumed by the Holy Spirit, and, later still, the Christ-Self. He is telling Helen and Bill, and, by extension, us, to turn to an epitome of good (in himself) to withstand the wily ways of temptation.

We know when we are being tempted. There will be a little excitement, and a sense of not being able to stop ourselves from moving forward. But we will have an uneasy feeling, and all will not be well.

Turn to our companion and guide, Jesus, at such times. Let the good, beautiful, and holy envelop us.

And all will be well.

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