Jesus: “I and My Father Are of One Kind”

“This appears to contradict another statement: ‘I and my Father are one.’ It doesn’t. There are still separate parts in the statement, in recognition of the fact that the Father is greater. Actually, the original statement was ‘are of one kind.’ The Father and the Son are not identical, but you can say ‘Like Father, like Son.’” (ACIM, COA ed., T-1.46.18:1-5)

Jesus is here articulating the difference between the Father (God) and the Son (Christ). He is speaking for us as well as himself when he says that God and the Son (or Daughter) are “of one kind.” We are differentiated out of “God stuff” (for what of a better term). All energy in the cosmos is of one kind, and this energy is of God. Living consciousness pervades the whole.

But God, the Limitless, is greater. To know all is to reach far beyond our own limited, finite minds. We can intuit the whole, occasionally, but our powers are circumscribed, for we are not yet all that we will one day be, when we have remembered the Father and submerged our will entirely into His.

The indication that the phrase should be “of one kind” is new to this edition of the Circle of Atonement. It certainly does clarify the nature of God Himself and our relationship to Him/Her.

Lest we puff ourselves up by these statements, let us know that the humble are those who have actually walked the whole pathway of salvation. Shorn entirely of ego, they walk in peace and joy forever. They never try to be something that they aren’t, and they never claim for themselves a status that we will not all one day reach. Jesus says that there is nothing he has that will not one day be granted to all. Right now this pentacle is potential in us only.

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