Light for Our Pathway

“You can wait, delay, paralyze yourself, reduce your creativity almost to nothing, and even induce a real developmental arrest or regression. But you cannot abolish your creativity.” (ACIM, COA ed., T-1.48.3:3-4)

This says that we can go backwards. Helen herself (scribe of A Course in Miracles) is said to have had such a regression, previously, in other lives. So might we all. But if we stay close to the tenets of ACIM, we will be alright. We have the power to halt our progress to ultimate salvation. But why would we do that?

The way back is easy, when we are pliable in God’s hands. He takes care of us, leads us back to the fold. And in the coming back, we can help others. There is nobody so lost that he/she cannot help others.

Why would we reduce our creativity? Why would we ever? Because we don’t think we know any better. Our own sense of being lost from God is a major impediment to our progress back to Him. If we don’t see where we are going, how can we go toward the straight and narrow? We can’t. But we would be wise to ask for a Light for our pathway. A Course in Miracles is such a light.

The world needs wiling saviors. Let us join that group today. Let us know that we can make a difference.

All it takes is a tiny step toward beginning our mission. And our mission is salvation for the world.

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