Live and Let Live

“Fantasies and projection are more closely associated, because both attempt to control external reality according to false internal needs. ‘Live and let live’ happens to be a very meaningful injunction.” (ACIM, COA ed., T-1.48.7:4-5)

When we see something “out there” that we want but seemingly can’t have, then we are likely to indulge in fantasies that will make it ours, or (more likely) we imagine that it really IS ours by way of projection. In projection, we imagine that what we perceive internally is sent to another, “projected,” and that out there the truth is the same as our internal, fantasied “reality.”

It is unlikely that Jesus would have said so much in psychological terms if Helen and Bill, co-scribes, had not been psychologists who knew well the connotations of what Jesus was saying. Jesus returns to our understanding, a lay understanding, when he says, “Live and let live.” In other words, we must choose a better way than fantasy and projection to make our reality. We must live our real truth, and allow our brother to live his. We must live (ourselves) and let live (our brother). We must reject the notion that we can alter circumstances to suit our fancy. We come very close to the insanity that Jesus says we all have in the madness of this world. Here he uses psychological terms that will illustrate for us just how close to the world’s evaluation of madness we could come—if we are not careful.

So: Let our brother, who is our savior, meant to be in holy relationship to us, walk his own way. We each have truly holy relationships that do not evolve into intimate terms in this world.

2 thoughts on “Live and Let Live

  1. H

    Aloha! 🙂 What did you mean by the very last sentence of your post – we each have holy relationships that do not evolve into intimate… ? Thank you 🕊️

    1. Celia Hales Post author

      We may have holy relationships that are interrupted, do not become part of our lives for the long term. But they are still “holy” if there is love.

      Love, Celia


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