Reason for the Physical World

“The physical world exists only because you can use it to correct your unbelief, which placed you in it originally. As long as you knew you did not need anything, the whole device was unnecessary.” (ACIM, COA ed., T-1.48.24:4-5)

What is our “unbelief” but an idea that we can go it alone, not needing each other, not needing God? But we learn in the physical world that, contrary to what the ego tells us, we cannot make it independently. We need each other and we need Divine Love. Our idea that we ought to be autonomous and without needing to love is a false idea indeed.

Jesus here asserts that our souls would not have needed physicality unless the separation had happened prior. Then a new choice was needed to preserve the universes and our own God-given divine Self. The choice for physicality now gives us a new lease on life; we know that in these frail bodies, we are needy, and it is only when we return to true reality that we realize what we have lacked all along. These frail bodies taught us that much.

In our risen Self, we don’t have “needs” in the same way as on earth. We love, but we don’t reach out to others in a false way, to prop us up, to give us validity. This way of thinking is egoic. When we are surrounded by the reality of love, we know that all of our needs are met, and therefore we have no unsatisfied needs. We are free in this new reality.

Let the choice for physicality do its work. We reach out to others, knowing that they are here for us, and we reach out to God. Then we are truly saved. Then we know that we have no other needs.

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