“The Garden of Eden, which is described as a literal garden in the Bible, was not originally an actual garden at all. It was merely a mental state of complete need-lack. Even in the literal account, it is noteworthy that the pre-separation state was essentially one in which man needed nothing.” (ACIM, COA ed., T-2.II.4:1-3)

Many years ago we imagined that our “parents” lived in a Garden of Eden. This scenario, Jesus says, was metaphorical and true, but not actual. In this pre-separation state, entities needed nothing, for all of their needs were fulfilled. Even now, in post-separation, we learn that our needs are fulfilled at the point of need, and that therefore we too have no needs. Our prayers to God are answered, and all true needs find their solution.

This is similar to the truth, also in A Course in Miracles, that solutions are given to problems at the time that the problem is articulated. We may not feel that this is true, but if we can imagine that the solution is always given with the problem, we can be thankful that this is also a need that is fulfilled. It is true, but our limited mind does not always recognize a blessing when it appears. So we tend to hang on to our problems rather than let them go, into the inner peace that is always ours when we live in the present.

We worry with problems as a dog chews a bone. This need not be. When we allow the problem to rest easy on the mind, we will see, dimly, what the solution actually is. This may include acceptance of what we don’t want to accept, but this is not insurmountable. We CAN rest in God’s arms, sure of His love and of His constant care for us.

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