The Miracle Worker

“The healer who relies on his own readiness is endangering his understanding. He is perfectly safe as long as he is completely unconcerned about his readiness, but maintains a consistent trust in mine. Errors of this kind produce some very erratic behavior, which usually points up an underlying unwillingness to cooperate. These errors inevitably introduce inefficiency into the miracle worker’s behavior and temporarily disrupt his miracle-mindedness.” (ACIM, COA ed., T-2.VIII.2:1-4)

At this point in A Course in Miracles, Jesus is asking us to rely on himself to note when and if a miracle is warranted. He has not yet made the Holy Spirit’s role plain. He does make clear at this point that if we don’t follow himself, we will lose our way. When we depend on ourselves to try to determine what expressions of love we might offer, we depend amiss.

Depending on ourselves seems such a good goal, being independent in our spirituality seems OK. But it is not. Why? We don’t know enough. We are never encouraged, in A Course in Miracles or A Course of Love, or in The Way of Mastery, to depend on ourselves. It is a slim reed indeed if we attempt this.

Our minds and hearts need to be attuned to a greater understanding than we personally have. That is the only way that we can succeed in this miracle readiness of ours. It is the only way to offer love that will be accepted fully.

2 thoughts on “The Miracle Worker

  1. Finding a Sober Miracle

    Once again, exactly what I needed to read today. I’m easily distracted by the demands of the ego, but what I’m really doing is refusing the call as a miracle worker.

    Thanks for the perspective, Celia. 💕

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