Ending the Separation by Love

“We have discussed the fall or separation before, but its meaning must be clearly understood, without symbols. The separation is not symbolic. It is an order of reality, or a system of thought, which is perfectly real in time, though not in eternity. All beliefs are real to the believer.” (ACIM, COA ed., T-3.XI.5:1-4)

We are in an order of reality that imagines that we are separate from God, thereby rendering Him an enemy and Someone Whom we have come to fear.

Isn’t this the height of insanity? Our very being is God. How can we turn on ourselves this way? Why would we ever have done such a thing?

A tiny, mad idea crept into eternity, where all was love. What would happen if, we said? What would happen if we made a reality apart from the reality we know? Would it be better? Would we know more? Would we be more satisfied in our own creation?

This is what we were thinking, and it was sheer madness. Trying to rail against the Creator of ourselves, Who created us as we are, as One with Him, would never work. We have to play out the essence of who we are, and that essence is Love itself. When we turn aside from love, we lose ourselves.

We believed the separation because we were the ones doing the believing. We make real what we imagine, but only in illusion, because God could not allow the universes to fail. Fail they would, if there were any basis to true reality except Love.

This was what, in our ignorance, we didn’t know then.

But now we know. And we are letting God heal the separation by meeting His criteria. It won’t be long now, for Awakening to take us home. It won’t be long now before we live wholly in a gentle world of pure Love.

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