Go to God

“All separation anxiety is a symptom of a continuing will to remain separated. This cannot be repeated too often, because you have not learned it. You are afraid to teach only because you are afraid of the impression your image of yourself will make on other images. You believe that their approval of your image will exalt it, but that your separation anxiety will increase. You also believe that their disapproval of it will lessen the anxiety, but at the cost of depression.” (ACIM, COA ed., T-4.II.12:1-5)

This quotation is composed of fairly complicated psychology, something that Helen and Bill (co-scribes of A Course in Miracles) could understand easily, but maybe not the rest of us. When we get anxious, it is likely to be that we are fearful of our separation from God. We will not articulate this, because it will remain under cover, deep in the unconscious, where it will arouse confusion but be unavailable for healing.

This has to end. When we look to others for approval, often we are seeing those other brothers and sisters as images. Somehow we know that this isn’t right, that others are not images, but real people, and so we become afraid of our own interpretations. We will, with the ego in ascendancy, be glad, enlivened, when others give us approval, but we will realize that somehow this is not right—that we are equal to that other, and his/her approval should not be defining moments for us. Our separation anxiety will increase, for we are not being true to the real Self, the Self Who is one with God. We will get depressed if others disapprove of us, but this too is a false stance. Others should not hold such power over us.

Do not get lost in interpretation. Know simply that anything that increases separation anxiety ought to be avoided, just as much as the separation itself. When we have reunited with God, no separation any longer, we will know the truth of this.

Until then, we will remain befuddled. This simply means that we must ask the Holy Spirit for help in sorting out our emotions.

“Go to God,” when we are mixed up, tangled up, is awfully good advice.

6 thoughts on “Go to God

  1. Lodewijk Langeweg

    According to ACIM the separation only took place in our illusory perception. And in that sense it was being experienced as real.
    No one would deny that for as long as we identify but with who we seen to be as humans -the human body and mind- and do not enjoy God as our Being yet, in that sense the separation is still being experienced. Be it but as a dream.

    But as the separation from God did not take place in truth, in that sense we are one with God, and God is one with us, meaning that God is experiencing everything we experience, including our illusory and often painful experience of being separate from Him, for as long as God experiences that as each one of us.
    If it were not so that God experiences as each one of us what we experience, the separation would be real.

    In oneness with God we may recognize that it is God Who is reading and remembering this now as the one reading this.

  2. petra

    Hi Celia
    can you say more about your comment that “anything causing separation anxiety should be avoided “?

    1. Celia Hales Post author

      I reread my post, and I was simply saying that when we don’t turn to God to heal the illusory separation from Him, we are prone to separation anxiety, and this too needs to be avoided, i.e., corrected.

      Love, Celia


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