Our Worth Was Established by God

“Your worth is not established by your teaching. Your worth was established by God. As long as you dispute this, everything you do will be fearful, and particularly any situation which lends itself to the fallacy of superiority and inferiority. Teachers must be patient and repeat their lessons until they are learned. I am willing to do so, because I have no right to set your learning limits for you.” (ACIM, COA ed., T-4.II.14:1-5)

Many of us have struggled with feeling inferior at some point in our lives. We thought we just didn’t measure up to our peers, weren’t pretty enough, weren’t popular enough, didn’t excel academically. But our worth is inestimable in God’s sight. Nothing we can ever do, nothing that we could ever do, will change that we are flawless in his sight. Our essential innocence saves us, for we are children of God and subject to His divine laws. We have done the best we could at any given time, and that is all that anybody, God included, could ask of us. Even when we fail, we have succeeded in the trying.

If we think that we have to teach salvation, and that our success in this allows for merit in God’s eyes, all that we do will become fearful. This is false reasoning, and it certainly will get us into trouble. An anxious teacher doesn’t perform well. Our words will not have the ring of truth. We need to get the fear out, and the only way for that to happen is to know that God is on our side, cheering us on. In His sight, we only sometimes make mistakes/errors; we never fail, because at the time that we think we have failed, we have merely learned how to do something better.

We don’t really believe that our worth is beyond reproach. In this, we are our own worst enemies. Listen to Jesus’ words, and let their truth wash over us.

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