Speaking with Jesus

“Beloved friends, I come to where you choose to be. And if you would choose to open that place within the heart and within the mind in which you can communicate with me directly, I will meet you there as well.” (“The Way of the Heart,” WOM, Chapter 1, Page 2)

In The Way of Mastery (The Christ Mind Trilogy), Jesus, right at the beginning, encourages us to have a personal contact with him. This is how he channels to Jayem, a human being who allows his body to be used for channeling that is “live.”

We are unlikely to have Jesus ask us to step aside and speak as Jayem does. Our way is likely different from Jayem’s. But the direct relationship is still here and possible.
Perhaps we will write what Jesus prompts. Perhaps we will hear interior words (a “locution”) in our minds and hearts. It does not matter. The connection has been made, however it is made.

I myself felt Jesus’s presence for several months in my early morning writing. I started a dialogue with Jesus, with my speaking, and then his. But eventually I heard interior words one night while falling asleep. “You are trying to draw me in.” It seemed a rejoinder that I did not welcome. And beginning the next morning, the words that I had imagined from Jesus just dried up.

Jesus does not foster dependence. And that is what was happening with me. He says in A Course of Love that his ultimate goal is to set us back upon ourselves, upon the Christ-Self who will emerge from our depths. This is the link with God Himself/Herself.

In A Course in Miracles, after a few opening chapters, he set Helen and Bill (and therefore us) back on the Holy Spirit, for the past century was still the time of the Holy Spirit.

Trust Jesus in his dealings with us. He knows what he is about.

6 thoughts on “Speaking with Jesus

  1. Shawna Rae

    Celia, I had a similar experience to Helen Schucman’s, and after fifteen years, am just now “coming out” about it, fifteen years after it began. I’ve never channeled in the way Jayem has, but I did have an incident that spurred the contact. Because you’ve been a student of this kind of thing, do you happen to remember reading a book, maybe from the 70s, where a woman channeled “The Brotherhood of Christ?” It was the catalyst for my own awakening, and I have never been able to remember the name of the book, much less find a copy. I got it from a library decades ago, and it appeared to be an older publication.

    Thank you so much for your words of wisdom.


    1. Celia Hales Post author

      Shawna —

      Annie Kirkwood channeled what she called the “brotherhood” in a lengthy book entitled Messages to Our Family. It was said at the time to be a book following in the manner of A Course in Miracles.

      Glad to be of help to you. Annie’s book may not be the only one channeling the brotherhood, but it is the only one I know about.

      Love, Celia

      1. Shawna Rae

        UPDATE! It’s amazing how these beautiful synchronicities work. I googled the name Annie Kirkwood and came up with an article called “How it all began.” In a total miracle of coincidences, Annie also had a spiritual awakening after reading the very book I was looking for: The God-Mind Connection by Jean K Foster. I’m thrilled! I’ve searched for this book forever. I was wrong about the phrase Jean used. It was Brotherhood of God, which might be why I couldn’t find it.

        Much love,


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