Everything Is Conspiring to Take Us Home to God

“Each gesture, each thought, the way that the body breathes, all of these things are going on constantly, and they are communicating or revealing the effect of what you have allowed to make a home in your mind.” (“The Way of the Heart,” WOM, Chapter 2, Page 12)

Everything is conspiring to take us home in God. Our every gesture is either a conscious or subconscious, unrecognized, desire to heal the separation that is not real, but in which we have believed. This separation from God has taken us on a long journey that is ending.

If we allow our mind to open to Love, we will gesture differently, think differently, breathe differently. We will be in a flow that takes us through the day with an ease that we have not imagined possible.

If our thoughts and actions are anger-oriented, then we know what we have given a place in our mind. And A Course in Miracles says that anger is never warranted, not that we will never feel it, but that it is not necessary. While this doesn’t mean that push the anger down into the subconscious, or that we are passive-aggressive, it does mean that we need to go back to the beginning, before we felt anger. What prompted it? What exactly was going on?

We may find that we are stressed, or tired, lonely, or hungry. Our bodies may be betraying us, for though we imagine the body to be illusory, it does seem to have effects in this world. Physiology of the body does make a difference.

But the mind and heart can rise above. Turn over unpleasant thoughts, too-fast breathing (maybe), to a Higher Power. The Holy Spirit knows how to heal us, and by bringing up these concerns in the mind, we are healing these concerns. All from the subconscious has to eventually be brought up (something Jesus says elsewhere in WOM).

Let our greater understanding of exactly what is going on with us, eventually free us to love more fully.

7 thoughts on “Everything Is Conspiring to Take Us Home to God

  1. Shawna Rae

    A Course in Miracles takes so long to understand that I don’t move on from it to other source of inspiration. What is your take on this? For example, would you recommend going to A Course of Love, or to WOM next? Or is this order something I’m making up in my mind?

    1. Celia Hales Post author

      Shawna —

      The order you mention, A Course in Miracles followed by A Course of Love, followed by The Way of Mastery, was my own sequence for study. Each can stand on their own, I believe. The publisher of A Course of Love indicates that it can be read on its own, and I think this true of The Way of Mastery as well.

      Let your heart be your guide. The Answer may be different for everyone.

      I have found The Way of Mastery easier to understand, if that is any help.

      Love, Celia

      1. Shawna Rae

        Thank you, Celia.
        In your opinion, did you feel that you’d “mastered” A Course in Miracles before moving on? Or was it just kind of a curiosity as to what was next?

        Thank you,


      2. Celia Hales Post author

        I haven’t left A Course in Miracles at all, and I do not feel that I have “mastered it.” I still read it and have posted recently on it. The three books that I use on this blog had different purposes. ACIM was to dislodge the ego; ACOL was to establish a new identity; and WOM is to take us to Christ-consciousness. All are meaningful to me. ACIM makes me happy; ACOL warms my heart; WOM soothes me. I love them all.

        Love, Celia

      3. Shawna Rae

        That’s a perfect explanation of the three books. I realize I’ve been thinking about this all wrong. I felt like as a student of the Course, I had to avoid other thought systems. I hadn’t graduated, in other words. I realize now they complement each other.

        Thanks you!

        Love, Shawna

      4. Celia Hales Post author

        Dear Shawna,

        I think you are right on the beam, that Jesus’ channeled works complement each other. I hope you will venture ahead to the others. Part of what I am trying to do in my blog is to explain the similarities.

        Love, Celia

      5. Shawna Rae

        Excellent! Seems I can’t go wrong venturing ahead then. I ordered the Kindle version of WOM but realize that won’t work at all. I have to be able to highlight.

        Thank you,
        Love, Shawna

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