Embracing All with Passion

Note: I will post for a few days from A Course of Love, and then return to The Way of Mastery (Christ Mind Trilogy).

In your acceptance of doing good works and being a good person, you are accepting ministry to those in hell rather than choosing heaven. You accept what you view as possible and reject what you perceive as impossible. You thus cling to the laws of man and reject the laws of God. You claim your human nature and reject your divine nature. (C:P.11)

Trying, oh, just trying to be a good person won’t work, because it is missing the boat. As traditional Christianity espouses, we don’t get anywhere by doing good works, meriting our way into heaven. Even though faith without works is said to be “dead,” we need the faith, and the belief in Jesus’s central place (according to traditional Christian teaching).

A Course of Love takes a somewhat different tack. While we are encouraged to make a friend of Jesus, and to hold his hand while we go about our daily lives, this is not a requirement for salvation of the ordinary variety or of ultimate salvation, Christ-consciousness or Awakening. If we can just trust enough, and “be,” rather than “do,” we will see the value in resting in God’s love. The laws of God allow being as the best way to approach Him. We rest in His love, sure of our place in His ultimate form of reality. Our time on earth is blessed, for we don’t try to implore Him to accept us because we are being “good people.”

So we need to invite our divine nature to come out. And this divine nature is the inner Christ spirit that we all have. This Christ-Self learns, over time, because it is not omniscient. But this Christ-Self learns better than our egoic self (which actually learns nothing of value). Our human nature is mired in ego, until we see fit to thrust the ego off. Once we have done this, we are well-situated to see ourselves as the children of God whom we are.

We are not ever encouraged to be “do-goers” by Jesus. Just trying to do good works and trying to be a good person will not allow us access to Christ-consciousness. Jesus even says that by this idea we are “accepting ministry to those in hell rather than choosing heaven.” (C:P.11)

Of course, we do want to do good in this world, and we do want to be good people. But we put the cart before the horse when we cling to these two ideas as the way to get to heaven. God does not ask anything of us, anything except to give up fear and judgment, and cling to Love as our Answer. And this is not easy. Despite much soul-searching, we may still fall into fears. Despite our best efforts at forgiveness, we still fall into judgment of our brothers and sisters. When we are enthralled by Love, though, we fall into the right place. Fear and judgment become something that we can’t even comprehend anymore; we wonder why those two negative traits preoccupied us for so long.

It takes some mystical insight to truly learn how to love. Our special relationships have taught us badly, for they were made that love might turn back on us, turn into hate. Only when we transmute our special relationships into the holy will we fully know what damage specialness has done. And then we will recognize that we do nobody any favors by clinging to them as “special.” They don’t need our special love; neither do we. Our holy love embraces all of creation with a passion that is reserved for full understanding, not a passion that turns to hate if our expectations are dashed.

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