“To Do” Lists

Just as Jesus would not have been literally birthed without Mary, the way of Mary cannot be reborn without the way of Jesus. Both ways arose from Christ-consciousness as demonstrations of ways. Those who have thought of Mary as an intermediary are as inaccurate in this belief as are those who thought of Jesus in such a way. (ACOL, D:Day19.8)

We need active “doers” in the world, just as Jesus, in his day, was an active doer. His way paved the way for the Marys of the world. Doing leads to a chance to “be.” Being thus comes on the heels of the doing that has characterized our world for many generations.

We are moving into a new era, and in this era, being will trump doing. We have been too captivated by doing; our daily “to do” lists, with their cross-outs, prove it. We have an addiction to such lists. While Jesus would not have had one on parchment, he might very well have carried a mental list. And, like us, he might have gotten satisfaction from mentally crossing off his performed list.

We don’t need to act this way any longer. As we move into Mary’s way, we still accomplish, but it is a more internal thing. We don’t feel that outer accomplishments define our worth. We feel right in and of ourselves.
Mary was a pioneer in her time. So can we be. She was not an “intermediary” to Jesus, but a full accomplished being in her own right. So can we be.

In Christ-consciousness, doing and being are demonstrations of ways of living that we can assume. Even as we head into Christ-consciousness, this still is true. Let some balance overwhelm us. Experiment with being for a while if doing has been our thing. Experiment. See what fits us.

We will soon discover that there are advantages to both ways of living. It is just a matter of finding out what “fits” to our personality. And then growing into that way that fits most precisely.

Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

4 thoughts on ““To Do” Lists”

  1. The way of Mary you know nothing about woman except that she was very rightious there is no history or written record about her life or way except what little the bible tells us.

      1. Mam’n Im telling you this because I care about you, not because im trying to be mean.

        Many people are wrong and you wouldnt want to publish incorrect information regaurding the redemption of souls from eternal Damnation would you? I know that if someone had compelling evidence that what i was standing behind that effected peoples lives Id would at least want to hear them out?

        We know about Jesus Christ becuse of the Scriptures both the Old and New Testaments. It is the original source and again the only first news of the Messiah! That 66 cannon book warned and warnes about and against the kind of teaching you are telling about!
        The Greek word Anathema is to the the fate of anyone doing such things! Ill leave it to you to look up but the Gospel means Good News and or truth all in one word and it is! Gods Word (bible) needs no help from us to tell a truly inspired message, through us and by his Holy Spirit. That spirit is the helper Jesus promised he would send while he was away. Through the holy spirit by the hand of God, The Gospel heard, Saves Souls! would you like to know more?

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