We Do Not Have to Learn through Pain

What has the ego-tainted world really exemplified? Only one truth: that the Son (and Daughter) of God is at war with God. If we understood God more, we would know that this is a condition too ridiculous to be believed. The Course says, “The Son of God at war with his Creator is a condition as ridiculous as nature roaring at the wind in anger, proclaiming it is part of itself no more.” (T-23.I.4:7) In our creation, God shared His Mind with us. That is why there can never be a conflict between His Will and our real will. It is only in an illusory world that we believe that to follow God’s will is to lose our freedom. Actually the reverse is the truth: to follow the ego’s madness is to head into chaos that always, in the end, leads to pain. A harmonious universe is impossible under these conditions. Pain begets more pain, assuring that at some point we will turn and say, “Enough!”

The awful pathway is, of course, so unnecessary. Jesus says that we do not have to learn through pain. We can recognize a better way, and in our moments of greater sanity, walk that pathway a few steps closer to Awakening.

5 thoughts on “We Do Not Have to Learn through Pain

  1. Bruce

    Hello Celia,

    As always I enjoy your read and was curious how you feel about “The Law of Attraction?” Is this something that coincides with God or is it branching off from God, please let me know, thank you?

    1. Celia Hales Post author

      Bruce —

      I think the law of attraction is of God. The last chapter in The Way of Mastery, believed by many to be channeled by Jesus, discusses at great length the law of attraction, though using other words.

      I have a blog on the spiritual dimensions of the law of attraction. You can find it under my name on the Internet. It is “Thou Shalt Receive.”

      Thank you for asking. Originally I had the same question.

      Love, Celia

  2. engrbasitali

    Ego’s madness is insanity. We chose and accepted to go through test and requirement of the test is intellect. God gave us mind. So by ego’s madness we don’t use intellect. And God tests us by pain and gives us wake up call through it. Wisdom is to go through it once but not again and again.


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