One always attacks one’s self first. And when we add to this truth the fact that our brother and ourselves are really one, we are doubly attacked. As we progress on the way of A Course in Miracles, attacks of whatever nature will become increasingly untenable to us. What might earlier have merited only a passing tinge of guilt will now cause emotional turmoil that may seem all out of proportion to the error. This is because we have become increasingly dependent upon the Holy Spirit for our direction, and he withdraws from us in attack and its ensuing aftermath of guilt. And never forget that the blame, once withdrawn from our brother, is harbored within. What is our way out of the maze?

We must remember that real power cannot oppose. In our opposition to our brother, we have weakened ourselves, and we feel rudderless as a result. The only way that we can become strong again is to ask forgiveness of self and of our brother. Once this action has been taken, let the past go. The Holy Spirit always grants forgiveness, and we should not masochistically hold the misdeed to our breasts.

4 thoughts on “Forgiveness

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  2. Branded

    We unwittingly perpetuate the cycle, even if we think we are correct. I’ve read a lot lately about forgiveness being for the self. So if each one of us can be at peace, we’ll have a peaceful Universe. Forgiveness takes practice… and lots of reminders “oh, that’s right! I forgave!”

  3. jonicaggiano

    Forgiveness is a blessing for everyone. I couldn’t agree more. Well put. Thank you. Letting go of guilt is a hard one for me but I continually work at it.


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