God Enthralls Us

I believe that this moment of coming into our own can be likened to God taking the last steps into our Reunion with Him all by Himself. There is nothing that we can “do” to merit it, and if we had continued to struggle in our chaos, it might have seemed to be endless. And by retracing our karmic steps, we will regain Heaven, and the ladder leading us in the direction of the egoistic world can be withdrawn so that never again will we be tempted to dive into illusory worlds.

We have had enough pain to realize that the egotistical way is not appropriate. We will love God too much, appreciate the joys of Heaven too much, ever to be tempted to feel that following His Will is somehow a contrast to our own. We will see others as the equals that they are, and we will not be tempted to ask God to give us special favor. The desire for “special favor” is, in fact, what A Course in Miracles sees as the reason for our present predicament. And that defines the ego in two tiny words. We wait for God to take the final step in freeing us as individuals. Yet the Course looks to the individual first; in that sense, it does not preach a “social gospel.”

The Course would see most of our efforts in the world as doomed from the start unless we are right with God in the beginning. Jesus knows that we cannot give what we have not received. If we are not first healed, we have no healing to share with others. If we try still, we are “unhealed healers,” and Jesus is particularly negative about this. (T-9.V.3:3)

3 Replies to “God Enthralls Us”

  1. This is beautifully stated, Celia!

    In conflation with what you brought out, in light, to the world, I would agree and also contribute a consideration that I’ve worked within as I’ve gone about the journey of living.

    I consider myself “Christian,” albeit I am of the unconventional type. About the Christ in Jesus, He healed. And those that were healed, did they in turn heal others?

    An archetype: The wounded healer. Maybe he is one that is sorely wounded, and in healing (in/through time), maybe he also contribute to the healing of others?

    The defining gifts open to humankind can be so nuanced; perhaps much more within the grey then is in the black and the white…both respective places in what we endure as humans searching to live in accordance with God’s highest ideals for man. in-between these is precedent that begs to reconcile the infinite grey areas that are real, too…though maddening as that is.

    Thanks for your inspiring words. There is truth here.

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