Egoic “Devil” Is a Mirage

One point in the deluded sufferer’s mind of attack needs to be addressed. Not only will we have trouble believing in the essential innocence of our brother, but we will believe that A Course in Miracles is deluding us as the tool of the “devil” as well. The Holy Spirit will therefore not be seen as God’s emissary, but as the voice of evil, cloaked in “good.” This is the essential aspect of the Course that Jesus says will cause us trouble; we will believe that he is misleading us. But is he really? Isn’t it our own projections that are the culprit here? We think the “sin” within is actually perpetrated by following an external demon, when in truth the demons are all within–products of our deluded mind. This is all that we are really dealing with. The devil is a myth, a projection from within of the “evil” we have seen there. And it was all a mirage–nothing more. A mirage that we can discard as invalid as soon as we accept the truth that we are dreaming in chaos, living with a diseased mind that in truth wants fervently to be sane again.

Jesus explains this dilemma in two succinct sentences. Referring to the Holy Spirit, he says, “What could He be to them except a devil, dressed to deceive within an angel’s cloak. And what escape has He for them except a door to hell that seems to look like Heaven’s gate?” (T-25.VIII.7:3-4) Words like these are the reason that the early portion of the Course must be carefully studied, because without this preparation, the ego will react with such fear that the experience will be more traumatic than beatific.” (T-1.VII.5:8) Trauma we can leave behind if we only trust Jesus and the Course a little longer. Suspend egoistic judgment of the parts that frighten, and patiently study the whole.

Jesus and the Holy Spirit will bring us out of the tunnel into the light, and into a world of Reality that sparkles and shines unlike anything seen since we fell asleep. And the Awakening will be gentle, once all the steps on the ladder have been retraced. Before the steps have been taken, there indeed may be a revelation of some startling proportions, a revelation revealing the end. But to get there the means are needed, and Jesus in the Course carefully explains those means. (T-1.VII.5:11)

One Reply to “Egoic “Devil” Is a Mirage”

  1. Admittedly when I first started reading, I felt all of my accusing demon rise up and out of garments I supposed concealed. I almost stopped and turned away to flee my accuser. Demons are, indeed, terrifying.

    Instead, I stayed.

    I continued to read. As I read, I let the garments fall. Of the demon, this is what I saw: a human man trapped in inescapable hypocrisy between the nature of experience and the nurturing of his soul to find meaning…and redemption for all that is the same in opposition to what he sees in himself and all others.

    This was hard…very difficult to break through and bear the sight of what is seen as a demon.

    But then Jesus cast out demons.

    Of the ladder you mentioned, to that I hold out for hoping as I still toil rung by rung in arduous climbing…up from the sight of that lower self still possessed of what he sees so easily in others…as he sees exactly of himself. The demons in torment and crying in anguishing pain.

    Above is my Christ…”I’m coming…please wait. Don’t leave yet!” I am naked. I am so ashamed. I’m still only a man now escaping…without garment.

    The ladder holds steady…the rungs ahead still gleam, the ones behind are no more. “Don’t look down. Look up and follow your chin…chin up, eyes up.” I can’t see the face of the one that calls. But it’s too late to turn back. I feel trapped…high up, naked before all. My face burns. My hand reaches again for the next rung.

    Thanks for this, Celia.

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