Healed in Mind, Body, Spirit

Healing requires the willingness to feel desire, to see it as good and to see it as holy. (“The Way of the Heart,” WOM, Chapter 4, Page 46)

We are in charge. We can listen to guidance, and thereby give up at least some of the control. But we remain in the driver’s seat. What we say goes, for we are creating our reality.

Of course, it is best if we open to guidance, the Holy Spirit, the Christ Self, the Higher Self, God. We simply are not aware enough, in our finite minds, of all that we need to do to create the best reality. We are limited that way.

We know too much to let the ego rule, and that is why we no longer seek guidance of this false persona. True, we can lapse into egoic thinking, and thereby lose our way, but do we really want to risk this? I think not. We want to be healed in mind, body, spirit. And our desire to be healed fuels the changes that we need to make in order to be healed.

Healing is, ultimately, Awakening, enlightenment, Christ-consciousness. Before we reach that milestone, we will see glimpses of what that mellow, heartwarming state of being really is. We will be led, ever so gently. It isn’t as though we will be hurled into reality, and this is something that A Course in Miracles makes plain. Our pathway will be gentle, though of course, because we are fallible, there will be some bumps along the way. Nobody, well, almost nobody, escapes the ego in one fait accompli. Escaping the ego is a gradual process.

Ask for healing today. Know that when we ask, the healing is already on the way. God has just been waiting for this opening.

4 Replies to “Healed in Mind, Body, Spirit”

  1. In my view of scriptures, there is much to see in healing. I focused on the idea that healing is an outward expression of what God can do on the inside. It is proof of His ability to forgive. This body is becoming less relevant to me as I get older. It is indeed a part of the tri-part being of man, but like a cocoon, it must be discarded to climb to the higher level. I was told the area of the worm of a Monarch butterfly covers only, may, 100 sq ft, but when it gains its wings it will fly for thousands of miles to its migratory destination.

  2. I agree so much that with Christ, we can experience a more content feeling and live lives with more fulfillment and meaning. I like to write about similar concepts in my own blog posts, mostly from the perspective of positive psychology. This is a scientifically supported field that also heavily aligns with my christian background, which is my source of inspiration in sharing this information with people in order to live life with more fulfillment. Feel free to check it out and leave any contributions that you would like. Great post, God bless you!

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