Waves Rising from the Ocean of God

The mystical transformation that carries you from feeling yourself to be a disempowered little drop of foam on the edge of a wave to the sense of freedom and empowered living that flows from the Mind of God through you to express only beautiful creations filled with majesty, power and miracles is willingness. (“The Way of the Heart,” WOM, Lesson 4, Page 49)

Jesus compares us to waves rising from the ocean, with God being the ocean. We are no more separate from God than a wave is separate from the ocean. We are a part of God.

The willingness mentioned in this quotation is called just a “little” willingness in A Course in Miracles. When we give ourselves to God, He takes our bending to His will and grows it tremendously. We may have heretofore felt thwarted in some of our projects. If we give the details of our lives, even the practical details, over to a Higher Power, we will know a success unexpected in common hours. And we will know God.

It is through knowing God that we know what next step to take. When we have walked far along the way, knowing becomes a most intimate part of ourselves. We don’t have to stop and think. We just know what to say and do. We act in innocence in our world. If our initial impulse would hurt anyone, then we need to go within and recognize that our response is not, in fact, from God.

When we, children of God, act on His side, what we say and do is not harmful to anyone. It is permeated, through and through, with the innocence that is our very being.

5 Replies to “Waves Rising from the Ocean of God”

  1. Wave of the sea dissolve in the sea, I am the bubble make me the sea. So do Thou my Lord … a chant by Paramahansa Yogananda ❤️🙏
    Good one Celia 👏

  2. There is so much esteem I’d like to express about this beautiful inspiration, but I will focus here…and pick only one of the many things in this article that truly brought my heart and mind together in an exalted and much appreciated way.

    The word “Majesty” used in the referenced quote nearly brought tears to my eyes. When I say the heart and the mind brought to exaltation…that meant “Majesty.” If we could remember this as consideration of our most esteemed spirit, MAN…THIS WOULD BE SO MUCH BETTER of us in our world as we considered that each of us holds this…majesty sovereignly within us, and each is equally worthy of esteem, care…reverence and love.

    Thank you, Celia…thank you so much for this. It made my day, and it energized me.


  3. I just spent time with God in meditation and declared to God I want to know His will for my life every moment of the day and night. I want to know Him so intimately that i know right from wrong and hurt from love at every step of the way.
    Thank you for the article.

  4. I like the statement . . . Waves are made up of crests and troughs, enlightenment occurs when you realize they are both made of water.

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