Ask to Do the Best of Which We Are Capable

The Holy Spirit can gather millions of beings to come to you in many planes, because it knows you will not distort the Love of God by usurping God’s position and putting yourself upon the throne. (“The Way of the Heart,” WOM, Lesson 5, Page 66)

We need to give God His due. We are not living alone in this world; we have Him backing us up, living through us. And this is always true, though we make mistakes that are not of God’s origin in the narrowest sense. We are living as finite gods, and so we do make mistakes. Ask the ultimate Authority to heal us of these mistakes. Ask to live, in peace, in His world.

If we sense that many people are looking in on our world, perhaps this is not paranoid. We live in glass houses, and the unseen world can spy on us. This has always been going on, but it may disconcert us if we are just coming to realize it. But near this passage Jesus is telling us just that. He is telling us that we can be an example for untold “millions.” Let this not go to our head, but let us sense the responsibility of it all.

Ask to be a good example to the disembodied souls who look in on us. Ask to do the very best that we can in this false world, where illusions reign, and the world is not truly real. We can make it real, in our estimate of it. And it certainly does seem real when we knock on wood.

Ask to do the best of which we are capable.

We can do no more.

3 thoughts on “Ask to Do the Best of Which We Are Capable

  1. IanC555

    You know, Celia?

    “Cause and Effect” and “Law of Attraction” really are beyond my focus because they are so huge; as the forest for the Trees is huge, but our presence among ourselves can be seen and observed by any effect they produce; good and bad. True! I am a tree in a huge forest, yet my branches sway as the wind moves through others and passes on to me…to move. What direction we grow…will determine the degree of our moving and what direction we pass on the breath that is life.

    Love what you bring into the world. I feel God’s breath here…and it moves me to bend and be beneficial to those that are around me.

    Thanks so much…thank you very much.

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  3. The Poor Pen

    Good one. However, I am personally facing such a situation in my life. And from personal experience, I think that there is more to it than receiving/accepting God’s help to be a good example to disembodied souls. We need to plead their case before God to obtain His pardon and mercy for them. For if in their ‘looking in on us’ their actions are displeasing to God – since such actions are not in accordance with His ways – then God may not grant them the understanding concerning our good example. Please tell me if you see incorrectness in my observations.

    This has been going on for 19 years in my own life and I am now convinced that while I must continue to be faithful to God and reflect His goodness as best as I can, I also need to continue to ask God to pardon them for living in a way that is contrary to His ways for His people, and in forgiving them to grant them the understanding they need in order to begin to live in community according to His ways, bearing in mind the dangerous consequences of their example being passed on to the impressionable youngsters who live in our midst.

    To my mind correcting a wrong example is as important as continuing to be a good example so that future generations may not be led astray in their perception of God’s way for His people.

    I will understand if you do not publish this comment but do let me know of your opinion in this matter. Thanks.


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