Following the Spirit

From my “ponder” series. . .

I don’t know when I encountered the baptism of the Holy Spirit. It must have been a quiet experience. I do know that when I was working as a media coordinator in the public schools in North Carolina, I went about my duties in the library with one ear tuned to what I was feeling. The Holy Spirit talked to me through my feelings. Sometimes it seemed that I was even prompting to turn left or right at a given time, not sure what I would see when I turned.

It was all a bit unnerving. My preacher had previously told me that Holy Spirit doesn’t tell you whether to turn left or right at a stop light, but my experience was different. To me, guidance spoke in particular ways in my everyday life.
Things went along well when I tuned in. The “feelings” were somewhat different from what I would term “intuition.” Intuition can be a “knowing,” and the nudges I got were not a knowing, because I didn’t understand what would transpire when I made a move in the direction prompted.

My Unconscious mind, where I think the Holy Spirit resides, must have been very close to the surface during that early period of learning how to listen. And the listening continued for long years, culminating now in a sense of knowing. I don’t get those indications of whether to turn right or left.

Is something missing, or am I just following guidance another way?

5 Replies to “Following the Spirit”

  1. Celia! I truly loved this posting. Within my own being, I hear and feel, but I know this is received differently in each person…I believe that with all my mind and heart. I’d rather just say, “I believe you, Celia” because every message I’ve ever read on your site rang so true…spoke within me personally. I had a feeling about it; a knowing…and perceiving a meaning just for me as I would know it; as you knew to write it as you heard within yourself.

    I believe that people are holistic systems, and The Spirit can speak through any one or all systems; how ever one best understands. Sometimes, we get into these battles over the “How” and which is right because spirit speaks to some in their own way, but it is that “Language” only that they “Know,” and those that take in and share from their own way, It’s incomprehensible. I a truly sorry that this happens.

    Baptism. I don’t want to take up too much more space, but I was just reading in my bible just about two days ago about the baptism of Jesus by John. I was filled with such hope after I read that, and here you are…talking about a baptism by another means. Man! Isn’t it interesting how The Spirit speaks…holistically; like we do…people do this. It’s an un-noticed miracle!

    Thanks for this Article.

  2. I feel the same way in differentiating between feelings and intuition. I think the Lord speaks through our feelings otherwise how can a feeling surface feeling right and another feeling wrong if it were not an indicator of truth.

  3. For me there was also a time, in my earliest relationship with the Holy Spirit, where the Holy Spirit would literally tell me which way to turn while I walked. Now, in my non infancy stage, it seems much less obvious. Reading this made me also take notice and wonder if this is because I have become so in tune that the thoughts are now intermingled or if I, believe that, because the relationship has been established it doesn’t require upkeep. Sort of like a new couple. When you first meet everything is noticed, felt or heard, but as time goes on they become familiar and some of those wonders you experience become normal. I’m prompted to pray that the miraculous never become mundane. Thank you for sharing this.

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