“Many of you believe you are on a spiritual path. You will know if that is true by your willingness to feel and experience wholly exactly what is in front of you, moment to moment. So if you have a conflict with another and you sit in your chair and decide to pray or meditate in order to change the feeling state within yourself, and you arise later and say, ‘There, I’m feeling much better now,’ but the issue has not been solved with another, nothing has changed.

“Go, therefore, to the other. Open your heart, share, and resolve. If you have offended another, ask them their forgiveness. If you have judged another, admit it. Ask for their forgiveness. It is only in such a way that you can truly heal the place of conflict within.” (“The Way of the Heart,” WOM, Lesson 6, Page 80)

When we have a misunderstanding with one of our brothers and sisters, we probably don’t want to hear Jesus tell us that we ought to resolve the issue by going to that person and clearing up the conflict. But this is biblical advice also. We need to find within ourselves the wherewithal to confront, in Love, and thereby turn the experience into Love for both of us. There is no other way for full resolution. There is no other way that our meditation and prayers can truly sink into our minds and hearts.

Jesus and the Holy Spirit often ask us to do something that seems unwise to us. We are afraid of how we will be received. We are going to be embarrassed. But Jesus says in A Course in Miracles that this perception comes from a shabby self-image, and we would be done with that.

If there is somebody you feel that you have wronged, meditate and pray to know how to approach that person. Being in our closet with prayer can help tell us what to say, how to act. Prayer and meditation can determine our resolve.

Only if approaching the other is now impossible do we seek redress in our thoughts, our deep thoughts. Psychically the other will know our intentions, will know that we are seeking forgiveness on another level.

Don’t confuse ourselves about this. There may be times that we say the confrontation, the reconciliation, is impossible, when actually it is very possible indeed.

Discern the difference.

2 Replies to “Conflict”

  1. Amen. We have often found that the quickest path to spiritual maturity and growth is through the bitter forest of conflict. We will learn more about ‘self’ there than just about any other location. The meadow of tranquility may be pleasant but we will not be challenged to grow nor have our ‘self’ nature exposed there. Only when we trip on the roots of ‘self’ in the undergrowth of the harsh unknown of conflict grove we will understand just how dangerous ‘self’ can be. Each conflict, though we do not long for these difficult encounters, is a blessing from Heaven. Should we choose to hold His hand as He navigates us through the treacherous terrain we will find deeper intimacy with Him and others through it.

    I agree with you. Press on. Confront in humility and love. Be willing to see the ‘self’ in both. Be repentant at all times and from the bitter tears of conflict will come rejoicing.

    Homer Les

  2. so true. Sometimes, I think there are moments when we aren’t honest with ourselves and simply opt to forget and move on thinking that we can simply move on, when not realizing that the issue hasn’t necessarily disappeared from our lives and will come back to revisit us in some other way because we refused to deal with the root issue which is our heart condition to forgive in all earnestness. Ignoring an issue doesn’t mean we’ve moved past the hurt it caused if we haven’t dealt with resolving to forgive in the first place. Great post! – Sherline 🙂

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