Secret for Staying in This World, but Seeing It Differently

“Think you not that reason opposes love, for love gives reason its foundation. The foundation of your insane world is fear. The foundation of Heaven, your true home, is love. The same world based upon these different foundations could not help but look quite different.” (ACOL, C:14.9)

We don’t have to have blind faith in the precepts of A Course of Love. We are told, “love gives reason its foundation.” (ACOL, C:14.9) We are further told that the foundation of our insane world is fear. And the foundation of Heaven, our true home, is love. It is strongly implied that the way that we look at our world determines whether it is hell or Heaven. The way that we look. That is perception, and we know from A Course in Miracles that projection makes perception.

What we feel inwardly will determine what we see in the outer world. And if we are feeling fear, we will see an insane world that is violent and destructive. If we are feeling love, we will see Heaven.

Is this too simplistic? Is this even true? Can the same images that flow before our eyes seem fearful or loving, based on what we are projecting? Yes. For the fearful mind sees more reason to fear, and the loving mind sees with these things only lamentable things, but no cause for fear. The loving mind does not reject the outer world of insanity as not there; it sees that it is there, but it is only illusion, the illusion of insanity. And so it gives that outer, violent and destructive, world no credence.

“The same world based upon these different foundations could not help but look quite different.” (ACOL, C:14.9)

Yes! This is the secret for staying in this world, but seeing it differently. This is the secret of having peace in the midst of chaos. Choose fear or love, and all the world will change according to the emotion that is chosen.

1 thought on “Secret for Staying in This World, but Seeing It Differently

  1. romanticindeed

    Though, each of these “perceptions” are from one’s sight, and one cannot look to the left and the right at the same time. One cannot look above them, to see Heaven, at the same time as looking down, to see Hell. That is, such “perceptions” are always one-sided, and to see someone else who is either in Heaven or in Hell, is always to form a conviction.

    Love is an instinct, has nothing to do with reason. Just as we will name flaws for flaws, and perfections for perfections, love belongs to the latter, to the perfection. What we see, that is seen to be a monster, is never loved. Not at first glance, at least. It requires that reason, that time to which reason stands its ground, to differ the monster’s hideousness from what such hideousness hides, which are those inner wounds.

    Should a woman ask a man, “Do you love me, or not?”

    He should never have to use reason, nor logic, nor deduction, to attempt to understand whether he loves this woman, or not. He should know it immediately.

    I don’t believe much in the “individual perception”, because, far too often do humans blend the idea of having a perception into instinct. Perceptions would more-so point out flaws, and not comprehend love, because flaws are individual details, whereas love sees the whole. It is so much, in today’s world, that we see the former for being beautiful, the flaws, the imperfections, and never the whole; and that is an error.


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