At Death We Merely Leave One Room & Step into Another

“Would you call it a death when you leave one room and close the door behind you and step into another room? Of course not. You just say, ‘I was there; now I am here.’ That is all that truly occurs when the molecules you have called to yourself are unglued because you release your value of them, and their constituents, their parts, dissolve back into the dust or the energy field of the planet. You merely leave one room and step into another.” (“The Way of the Heart,” WOM, Lesson 8, Page 100)

This understanding of death is so reassuring and so important to us. So many people don’t believe that we continue as a recognizable personality when we cross the barrier of death. This makes of death an ogre, and it pains my heart to know that so many are so lost in fear when it comes to mortality.

Thanks to Jesus in The Way of Mastery for making this clear. His appearance in the graveyard wasn’t enough for many people. People come to understanding in very many ways. I hope that this quotation will lead many who view my blog to a blessed understanding.

This eternity can be joyous when we realize that it is one continuous tapestry to living, here and in the hereafter.

4 Replies to “At Death We Merely Leave One Room & Step into Another”

  1. This post resonated deeply. I described death to my Love as closing one’s eyes on earth and being in the presence of G-d. How can that be frightening?

  2. I’ve had the privilege to experience what death truly is first hand during a QHHT regression, being a soul in the corner of a room watching myself from distance, an old man in a hospital bed, with absolute reverence and adoration. Same feeling one has when they pick up a new born child for the first time, completely unconditional love.
    What happened next I may write about some time, but can confirm that death is not the end. It’s the beginning. How? Because as a soul shooting upwards through the sky at lightning speed I never stopped breathing, realizing that I was that breath all along, a never ending connection to the Source. At that moment as a soul merging into golden white hot light I could think of only one thing: I’m coming back for more!
    Do I fear the process of dying! Yes.
    Do I fear death? Not any more.

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