Silent Heart

“Enjoy, then, your practice.  Know that when you descend to that place of the silent heart within you, I will greet you and I will sit with you in the depth of that silence.  And our minds and our hearts and our souls shall merge as one.  When you ascend, you take me with you.  And when you descend, you drink me into yourself, until finally there is no difference between us.  When the world looks upon you, they will say:

“Behold, I am in the presence of something mysterious, something attractive, something vast and peaceful and filled with power.

“Surely, this is the Child of God!”  (“The Way of the Heart,” WOM, Lesson 11, Page 140 – 141)

Jesus merges with us, if we believe it, and if we want it, when we descend into our depths in meditation.  Then, when we rise up again, we take him with us.  What better way can we ensure a good day?  There IS no better way.

Not everybody is ready to take Jesus as a companion.  He has been the one on whom we have projected much of our anger and antagonism, for we thought, in error, that he was our judge.  The new channelings prove otherwise.  And when we open our heart ever so little to him, we see that he steps around these projections, and we feel his love.  Then he helps us to heal.

We want to be a “Child of God.”  And we are, and we can recognize this when we get the anger and attack out of our minds.  We know that God does not smile on our antagonisms, and we feel guilty that we are letting him down.

Let Jesus speak to our heart today, tell us how to remedy our sense of undesirableness. 

He will show us the way by simply, and completely, loving us.

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