Passionately Embrace Love

“The Way of the Heart has been designed to bypass the cognitive or thinking mind, and to strike at the roots of fear that abide in the depth of the mind in a place that is, by and large, unconscious.  All that we do seeks to dissolve that root from the depth of your being.”  (“The Way of the Heart,” WOM, Lesson 12, Page 142)

Our minds get us into trouble.  Our intellect, that intellect that we have often prized, is a handicap as we seek God.  Our intellect depends upon perception, which is an illusory way of viewing the outer world.  It is our heart that will save us, a concept that A Course of Love makes clear.

Uproot fear, reach for the root of it, and then be done with it.  Turn aside firmly, and passionately embrace love.  Love is the realm of the heart.  All that is not love is fear in some form.  And we need to find a way to remove ourselves from the fear.

Our thinking mind has often done us in, though we were taught to be proud of what we “knew” when we were going to school.  This was not true knowledge, which comes unbidden, intuitively.  What we had in school was a perception of ideas, and perception is fraught with illusion.

We need to let the unconscious rise to the surface, and to do this, we need quiet.  We need to spend time in our quiet corner each and every day.  If this is meditation, so be it.  The silence of quiet will heal.  And if the mind is busy, the unconscious won’t rise to the surface, where those thoughts can be healed.

Be patient, for we have many, many years of pushing down into the unconscious those things that disturbed us.  Fears, all.  Be assured that we will have help as we do our quiet part of releasing fears in the unconscious.  Don’t let the rising up be a disturbance.  The rising up is necessary for healing to take place.

4 thoughts on “Passionately Embrace Love

  1. Ancient Poet

    Absolute truth. Amazing. I could quote you in my work so many times, from just the one article i read so far. Thank you for spreading this far and wide with your writing. looking forward to read more.

  2. crockyjaw

    “Turn aside firmly, and passionately embrace love. Love is the realm of the heart. All that is not love is fear in some form. And we need to find a way to remove ourselves from the fear.”

    To me, that would mean that if God is love, and if God is all, it means that all that is not love is of our own making, illusionally created by our own free will, outside of God, and his love.

    This would include fear, wouldn’t it?

    The richness of God’s love allows for all to exist within itself, and yet when we bypass that love to try to step forwards only with our self, instead of in connection with God and all that is, we then feel the trepidationary fear from our doing so, because to be on our own is always fearful, as in God, and his truth, there is no fear.

    Fear only enters us when we leave God, and his love, through free choice with our mind, and our heart always acts to bring us back to God and to love, and so things like prayer and meditation, by their taking the power of the mind temporarily away, by quieting it for a moment, allows the heart to come to the for, or to the front of us again, and so we then embrace it again, and return to love, to God, dropping our fears, on the way.

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