Our Soul Knows

“Grace does not descend until your Father knows that you are willing to prepare a place to receive it.  This is why, in the process of healing and awakening, it is not necessary to seek for Love.  It is only necessary to prepare the place, the soil, by choosing to discover the obstacles to Love—which all come down to fear—and to be willing to loosen that root, that it might be removed from the garden of your consciousness.  (“The Way of the Heart,” WOM, Lesson 12, Page 142 – 143)

Today’s quotation builds on the preceding quotations for the day.  The metaphor of a garden continues.  We prepare the soil by removing the weeds of fear.  Our garden is our consciousness.  The soil is our mind, reaching down into the unconscious for healing.

Our soul knows what to do.  If we make ourselves available, the elixir of peace will solve everything.  Leave time for calm moments in the course of a day.  If we rush about with way too many things to do, how can we also be engaged in healing our minds?  A busy mind does not heal well.

Love is what we know when fear has been removed.  Love is our birthright.  The moments in which we feel love for others and for ourselves are healing to us.  Love envelops us when the thorn of fear is loosened from the garden that is our consciousness. 

Feeling Love with our heart means that we have found God.  And He will then move to transform us by enlightenment.

4 Replies to “Our Soul Knows”

  1. To me God’s grace, and his love, falls on all, equally so, whether they are ready to receive it, or not

    If we love, and have some weeds, the love will take care of the weeds naturally.

    Fears cannot exist within love, so better to love first, as best we can, rather than looking for any weeds, which would be a form of judging of ourselves, better left to God.

    We have never lost God, so there is nothing to find. All we need do is love, as best we can, and the rest will play out for itself.

    Love lives dormantly in all things, until they turn on their own battery of love, with their minds, by choice.

    The love is there, but not being actively acted upon, although, indirectly, love never stops acting on us. It is always shining its light from within us, but if our minds are unfocussed on love, we might not fully accept its help in our lives.

    This is the the test of life, to try to love, not to try to weed our garden itself, for how do we know what is really a weed.

    All things serve God, in his love for all things. The only choice is to choose to love. When we do this, the rest takes care of itself for us.

    We grow from love naturally, into all that God has planned for us to be, in service of him and love.

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