Let Jesus Help

“Then, the rain of grace that purifies, transforms, awakens, and brings Christ consciousness to the mind can descend gently.  For when the rain falls upon hard ground, it strikes the soil and runs off, and the garden remains barren.  But the wise gardener, who has softened the soil, reached in and begun to pull up the roots, sifted the soil and made it soft, open and porous with the intent of bringing forth a beautiful garden, will, indeed, be assisted.  Then, the rain of grace will fall gently, without it being earned.  It is given freely.”  (“The Way of the Heart,” WOM, Lesson 12, Page 142 – 143)

We will be “assisted”!  Is this not a wonderful promise?  We are gardeners now, seeking to prepare the soil of our mind for Awakening, Christ-consciousness.  And we do need help in this endeavor.

Jesus will help, if we are open to this.  Many of us are not, for we have projected our judgmental thoughts onto him, and we don’t then feel kindly toward him.  But he has promised in A Course in Miracles to come upon a “single unequivocal call.”  Take him at his word.  Open the mind to locutions, which are quiet inner words that indicate an open heart, ready to receive. 

We may very well, infrequently, hear Jesus “speak” to us.  This is a very great blessing that will be transformative in our experience.  It doesn’t take much to change the habit of a lifetime, a habit in which we turned from our savior because he seemed to be fearful to us.

Listen to Jesus’s channeled words in The Way of Mastery.  Know that the way back to God is easy and effortless to the open mind and heart.

4 Replies to “Let Jesus Help”

  1. I also think that we are helped by God, and by Jesus, himself too.

    Love helps all, as that is its nature. God is love, so he helps all too.

    As to the others helping us, though, help has to go through God, for approval.

    All can help us, as much as others are called to help, but help, like all things, must not be overdone, (We do need to do things for ourselves, and to live our own lives, in our own ways too) and help is actually ordered or governed out by God himself.

    Saint Peter, then, would not help us, independently, from Heaven, unless it’s a part of God’s plan for him to do so.

    Nobody should give “help” unless its sanctified by God.

    Otherwise, we might be helping someone in the wrong way, like in helping an old lady to cross over the road, when really she did not want to do so, but was waiting there for a taxi to come along.

    Help should help, not interfere.

  2. The way of Jesus is the way of Spirit. The way toward being lifted is along the way of, first, being open[ed]. Once we are open[ed], and the invitations are accepted, where we can then be taken is limitless in His view — and vein.

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