What We Value, We Experience

“Remember, then, as you begin to come to the completion of the study of The Way of the Heart, that what you see outside of you is only the reflection of what you have allowed to live within you.  And simply ask:

“Is this what I wish to continue?  What do I truly want?  What is this, my very consciousness, for?  What do I commit myself to?  What do I say I believe?  Where do I freely choose to place the power of valuation?

“For what you value, you experience immediately.  The world will bow down and say, ‘Very well.  You have let us know what you value.  We will mirror it back to you, because we love you, because we are a part of you.  And heaven forbid that we would take away your free will.”  (“The Way of the Heart,” WOM, Lesson 12, Page 149)

The world does mirror back to us what we focus on.  We are looking for it, and it appears, because, as A Course in Miracles says, projection makes perception.  And we are projecting outward what, on some level of mind or heart, we want to see—maybe not consciously, but still present at some level.

We are thus manifesting our free will, something that God would never take from us.  If we want to have good days, we can and will focus on good things, for the negative mind sees danger everywhere—and frequently finds it.  Creative visualization, as Shakti Gawain tells us, is a secret to better days, more enjoyable times in our lives, more positive outcomes.  This focus is creative visualization, something that we often don’t recognize.

We can make our world from a conscious awareness of what we want to see, what we want to experience.  As we move forward, we are actually “creating,” rather than “making.”  And A Course of Love tells us that the best route to better experiences is to create a new world, something that we can all have a hand in.

This is actually a very optimistic and happy alternative to what we often experience when we don’t know any better.  When we focus on anxious moments, this escalates the anxieties.  When we focus on, God forbid, hateful moments, these become our own in our experience.  And we can extrapolate this focus to anything that we dwell upon.

Ask today to have help in experiencing better moments in our lives.  Happiness is a function of God’s children, as we learn in A Course in Miracles.  But He needs our cooperation to bring happiness into our little, individual worlds.

9 Replies to “What We Value, We Experience”

  1. The opposite is also true, when everything that we experience is valued.

    Someone who I see is hurting must require a certain dosage of my compassion, so that their pain is alleviated. This is something that I experience, being the emotion of love, because I know there is more to life, than what I know of myself. Too often do people believe that they can only know themselves, but I believe that it sometimes takes another person’s vision to lead us away from an area in our lives, we are falsely believing is a good.

    Everything that I personally experience, even in the eyes of others, I will treasure and value. So… it should be true that the opposite is also true, that despite our free will, we can also do as God did, to create us in His image, and lead others from their peril. “Free will”, as I see it, is something that benefits only the self. It is something that the self takes pride in, though it can also create the most devastating consequences, brought from idiotic decisions.

    Everything about a “perception” is so limited, as I see it. However, everything about truth, is unlimited. What I see in another person, is to “penetrate the floors of Hell”, because I know that their human side, is buried beneath it.

    To explain…

    I once said to myself the other day, “Even the evilest of people, must be in Heaven. Hitler must be in Heaven. Pol Pot must be in Heaven.” I said, afterwards, “It must be that Hell is not the deepest of things. Beneath evil, is where the buried humanity is dwelling, hoping to be discovered, once again.” I believe it to be true that God enacts on that discovery.

  2. Such an awesome post! There is always the saying what you give you receive. Not sure if there is a bigger truth than this. The energy we give off will come back to us in return! Thank you for this loving post!

  3. Very nice post Celia. I do great 95% of the time, happy and always focusing on my way, but sometimes something sneaks up on me and knocks me sideways. Then I re-adjust maybe a bit stronger.

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