Forgive by Overlooking “Faults” in Our Brothers & Sisters

            Our brother sees “sin” in himself.  If we see sin in him also, we but reinforce an untruth, not only in him but in ourselves.  Surely it is that we see in others what we have first seen in ourselves; that is the law of projection, and, if we can believe the A Course in Miracles, projection makes perception.

            Does that mean we must deny the evidence of our eyes, and proclaim good where there seems to be only wrong?  No!  That would be a further deception, and it is the truth that we seek. We must acknowledge the wrong that we see, but recognize that, like all sights our physical eyes show us, we are seeing something unreal–a dream, if you will.  However badly our brother seems to treat us, this still is true.  It is our dream, showing us something that we don’t want to see, but only so that we can learn from it.  We are bade not to dwell on this unreality, thereby making it seem real to us, and making it harder simply to overlook and thereby forgive. (T-9.IV.4:4-5)

–from Out of the Maze, an e-book by the author of this blog.

4 Replies to “Forgive by Overlooking “Faults” in Our Brothers & Sisters”

  1. Amazing! I just posted about this type of thing. The only difference is I see Christians that go the way of condemning people who have fallen. You don’t overlook what they do, but you don’t kick them while they’re down either.

  2. When I think about or see others with faults, I see more faults in me. I’m not with less faults of my brothers and sisters in Christ. It’s not my place to condemn but to prayer for them, and for myself, that I may ask forgiveness and to forgive those who treat me badly.

  3. That’s an interesting article to think about.

    It makes me think whether these types of ideas are entirely true, is sin just an illusion, and really something for us to learn from??

    I would answer that sin is no illusion, but it does delude.

    Sin is not even just ignorance; it is mostly nonlove, and pride.

    Sin is our wanting to create separately a diversive plan other than God’s overall plan for all.

    Sin is thinking that our way is greater, or better, than God’s way.

    It is called sin, because sin is the opposite of love, and yet love still exists within sin, because love exists in all places.

    When we dig a hole, and fill it with our self, or sin, we are still digging it within love, but now we hide love from our self, by our living in our own sin hole.

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