Ask Jesus for Help

“Therefore, if you would look upon another and say, ‘Oh, they can talk with Jeshua, but I could never do that,’ stop lying to yourself!  Rather, come to see that if this ability is being made manifest in your field of awareness, it is because you have called it to yourself as a reminder of what is already inherent within you.”  (“The Way of Transformation,” WOM, Chapter 13, Page 157)

Perhaps we can talk to Jeshua (Jesus), just like Jayem, who channeled The Way of Mastery.  I used to have a dialogue going, every morning, with my concept of Jesus.  Maybe I was making it all up, but maybe not.  Then Jesus seemed to disappear on me, and Jayem told me in an email that Jesus doesn’t want to foster dependence.

We can depend on God rather than discrete entities, however exalted these entities might be.  When we depend on God, we are turning to our inner essence, the part of us joined with our Maker.   Then we get right answers, always and forever, though it is always possible that we mislead ourselves.  So, we must practice the concept of discernment.  Is this thought something that will hurt another?  If so, then we can be sure that we are getting “help” from some egoic part of ourselves.

Try talking to Jesus today.  His foci of consciousness know no limits, and also he has plenty of helpers who stand ready to guide us.  Always they will turn us back to our inner essence, for nowhere is it suggested or recommended that we turn our power over to somebody else.

We are not bereft in this troubled world.  We have help.  Regardless of our situation, help is only an appeal away. 

4 thoughts on “Ask Jesus for Help

  1. romanticindeed

    It’s beautiful, what you wrote.

    I study what the Bible says, and I sometimes say that by “talking to Jesus”, I talk to myself, or I talk to another person. I talk to what God made of a human, of a person whether man or woman, who is identical to Jesus as God in the flesh. Jesus was human. He bled upon the cross, and bled from hundreds of lashes against his vulnerable skin. We can suffer the same way he suffered, or sometimes we can feel as though we are dying for someone else’s misfortune.

    By talking to myself or by talking to someone else, I can fathom both mine and someone else’s suffering. I attempt to see it, plain as day. I attempt to see an open wound as plain as if it were Christ’s own, shining of blood in the sunlight.

    And then, I attempt to heal it, like Christ did, by performing the miracle I know that both is visible and invisible, in this world. The miracle of love.

    I hope you understand what I mean. 🙂

  2. House of Heart

    Hopefully church services will be watched and enjoyed from the viewers home. Now is not the time to gather in large crowds for any reason. I think God will understand, he helps those who help themselves. ❤

  3. Marjolein Coghi

    Yes and amen. Jesus is near, ready to listen and speak a word of comfort into our soul. Thank you sharing this. Bless you.


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