Healing from God

“Embed yourself in the solace of perfect grace.”  Choose Only Love:  Let Yourself Be Loved (COL bk.2, 10:I)

This wonderful sentence gives comfort whenever and wherever comfort is needed.  Each word is meaningful, but particularly “solace” and “grace.”  In these hard times, we need to know that God is near, living through us.  We can have this reassurance, for it is true and can be shown to us.  We feel a warmth in our very bodies, which is the presence of God making Himself known.  If we doubt God, we may feel that the warmth is just the balmy air of our heated room.  But if we venture to let go of doubts, we can open to the possibility that something else is going on, that God is with us, and He is making Himself known.

God abides with us and in us, and His presence ensures us that we are being blessed, even while we may have our doubts. 

If we “embed” the solace, it is then a part of us.  We are then the recipients of the grace of God.  This word, “grace,” means that He is favoring us with His healing Presence.  We know that we are blessed.  We feel it in our bodies, our minds, our hearts. 

His warmth assures us.  We know that we are never alone, with a Presence such as this.

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