Clear Mind and Warm Heart

“Brother, sister . . . let me tell you that you are ready to heal fully.”  COL bk.2, 9:IV

The context of this quotation is that we have let the ego go and that we are merging with our Christ-Self.  If we have taken steps to eliminate fear and judgment, the two forbidden aspects of our thoughts that keep us back, then we are ready to heal—and to heal fully.  Healing is what is happening when we reach Christ-consciousness.  And healing is what happens when we have let neuroses go.

What a blessing this statement really is!  If we can be neurosis-free, then our minds will have learned from our hearts, and we will be walking a flower-strewn pathway.

Much of this philosophy of this post comes from A Course of Love, a received writing that came around the turn of this century.  We need to let our hearts, which have never doubted God, have full ascendancy over our minds, which are characterized by The Way of Mastery, as being “very stupid servants.”  While we may not agree that our minds are stupid, we certainly can know that we haven’t ever doubted God so much in our hearts.  It is only our minds that have given us problems, intellectual problems, about a God we cannot see.

But we can intuit God, and that is what I am asking you to do today.  Listen to the heart.  Know that it does not lie.  And the heart does not need the proofs of God’s existence that the mind seems to throw up while we are in the throes of the ego.

Be ready to heal fully, clear mind and warm heart, and accept this promise of full healing as our birthright.

7 thoughts on “Clear Mind and Warm Heart

  1. Becky J Granger

    Thank you for lovely message. Again, I love how you interweave the teachings from varied sources.

  2. anthonyborderline

    Hi! I consider myself a spiritual person, for there is a spiritual experience of life, but religious I am not. Dogmas stagnate and kill the process of growth. I do not intend to offend or hurt anybody and am sorry is so happens, but still I need to ask. Are you talking about the biblical Abrahamic God or “just” about some higher power, more than us?
    I agree, fear and judgements you better let go of, in my opinion the whole self is a kind of illusion of division. Anyways you need to begin with what you got, yourself, idea and fantasy of it. To humbly see who you are, faults and all, without judgement. Also question things, in my opinion highly important skill and should again begin from oneself.
    To me god is the whole made of us, in all of us. Life, Earth, Sun, all worshipped rightly as the higher power we are a part of. Though I don’t keep dreams of ever understanding that whole, I can surrender to it. After all, there’s little to nothing to surrender. The Christgrid or whatever you wanna call it, collective mind & mentality isn’t to me a group of individuals enlightened, but rather individuals shedding the first and last illusion and veil, that of self, becoming what it already is. The godhead of us, no “I”.
    No judgement nor fear for all is as it should and how it is, changing forever with us or without. All is now and gone and becoming.
    Sorry for the preachy tone, just tried to explain my evolving process of spirituality, in hopes it resonates?

    1. Celia Hales Post author

      I am writing in the tradition of Christianity, but more from the New Testament of love than the Abrahamic God. I focus on received writings, most of which are believed to be channeled by Jesus. I agree that we are a part of God, that He is the whole of us.

      Thanks for writing in.


  3. anthonyborderline

    You’re welcome and no need to thank me. I just went where directed, so to speak. Or where you invited, same difference. 😊 Have a safe and joyous summer!
    I am sure many get comfort and hope from your positive, inspirational spiritual work!

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  5. Dawning of Joy

    Thank you for an inspiring post. Healing and forgiveness go hand in hand. Only through forgiveness can we truly heal pain.🦋


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