Sweetness of Love

“We contemplate our sleeping brothers and sisters with the sweetness of love and treat them always with tenderness, understanding that their acts are nothing other than the movements of those terrified by nightmares.”  COL bk.2, 18:II

A quotation that encourages us to forgive, and to forgive each and every time—knowing that sleeping brothers and sisters are terrified by nightmares.  What a poignant image!  May we remember it now that times seem so tough for us.  May we remember this image often.

Some of us reading this have still not awakened fully, and so we too sleep part of the time, at least.  When we do sleep in waking life, we need to be forgiving of ourselves, too.  We lapse into fears that overwhelm us.  We lapse into anger and attack, twin negatives that are caused by our unconscious fear.  Treat ourselves with the “sweetness of love,” and we will hasten full Awakening into Christ-consciousness.  The oscillations are sometimes great, from fear to love and back again.  But remember that we have mighty companions accompanying us. 

The “movements of those terrified by nightmares” need not cause us to fear.  As bad as things get, still we have our heavenly Father with us.  It is true that He does not intervene in human matters by robbing us of our free will.  Consequently, some in this world get into real trouble.

But there will come a glorious day when all, simply all, are in the presence of God, home in Him. 

Our faith and trust in God will bring that day closer in time.

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