Personal Relationship with Jesus

“Just as you express love to your friends, children, or spouse, that is how I ask you to love me too.  I invite you to give me a kiss every morning, to greet me when you wake up, to tell me good morning, or to say good night before going to sleep.”  Choose Only Love bk.2, 21:II

Jesus is inviting us into a very personal relationship with him.  Here he is emphasizing his human, rather than divine, characteristics. 

Perhaps we don’t know how to love Jesus.  We think this sounds too old-fashioned for us in the New Age.  A “personal relationship” with Jesus may have turned some of us off.

But give it a try.  We know that he is available to us as a friend, and here he invites something even closer, a family member.  There is great comfort in this, great comfort indeed.

We walk a cold and cruel world, at least part of the time.  Until we know that we are right with God, we won’t be satisfied for long with anything we find in our daily walk.  Jesus is here pointing out a very practical way to end dissatisfaction.  Just make friends with him, he says.  Know that when we express love for him as we would to any close companion, we are doing something that feels right.

We are having a personal relationship with Jesus.  This is something he is now asking of us.

13 thoughts on “Personal Relationship with Jesus

  1. Holly

    Oh, Celia! I must tell you, your post has nearly brought tears to my eyes. Indeed, how beautiful and intimate the relationship JESUS desires with US!

    There have been some unbelievably dark days in my life. Much abuse, rejection and abandonment. It has taken many years before I even realized that God desires the type of relationship with us that is more real than any earthly bond. What an incredible and moving thought! He longs just to hear our voice.

    I am so grateful you were obedient to Holy Spirit in writing this. Your words are deeply touching, and I believe, will help a lot of hurting souls. God bless you, sis. You are deeply loved. ♥️

      1. Holly

        Aw, Celia! Your words have just made my day. I am so grateful that the Lord would use me to share His love for you. ♥

        Love Sincerely, Holly

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  3. seeingliketheeagle

    I was reminded of your blog the other day when reading Psalm 2. It tells us to kiss the son whilst we have opportunity or we perish. Jesus is longing to have that personal relationship and bring life to us. I pray many respond to your word. Bless you.

  4. Godfreykuma

    Yes God really want any of humanity to have a intimacy with him. That was what bring him to the cross, to take away our sin which has for long separate us from our creator. And when will believe will have more than a relationship. Will are born of him. Thanks

  5. zoeyalyward

    This is wonderful! Often I forget how important it is to realize that Jesus is our Friend, and I can get so caught up on work and whatnot. But first and foremost, Jesus calls us to a personal relationship with Him. Thank you Celia!


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