Mission for God

“Go into the world announcing the good news.  You have a means to do it.  Enjoy the joy of sharing.  Be messengers of peace.  Take love to the world.”  Choose Only Love bk.2, 21:II

What better way could we spend a life than to follow the directions given in this quotation?  What is the good news?  Simply that we are beloved of God, the beloved of God.  He stands with us in every earthly dilemma, every quandary, every mystery.  He may not take away every mystery, but if we bear with him patiently, the dilemmas and quandaries lift.

How might we announce the good news?  We won’t seek to recruit others to our way of life, unless they express obvious interest in knowing how we live.  We will turn off others if they are not ready for a change, even a change for the better.  So announcing the good news, when and where, needs deep prayer.  We need to discern when and where to offer the message.  Our own way may not, ultimately, answer the needs of our brothers and sisters if they are in a different place from ourselves, mentally and emotionally.

So depend on guidance in this delicate matter of influencing others.  But when the time is right, and the person before us is right, we can enjoy the joy of sharing.  And they too will be enlivened.

Offering peace and love to the world is a less delicate matter than sharing the good news of what we have found in God.  Peace and love are always welcome.

6 thoughts on “Mission for God

  1. krisshetter

    I think people have two misconceptions with this idea. 1) That when they share the good news with someone they are responsible for their conversion and 2) that we need to go far out of our comfort zone to spread the gospel. It is God and His Holy Spirit that will do the hard work in people. We must only play the bit part He asks of us. And we don’t need to be standing on street corners screaming the end is near. Let’s face it, how many people have come to God that way vs giving people like that a wide berth? If we were to just speak of our God works in and with us through our joys and trials to the everyday people around us we would make God smile. Weave His works of love for us while speaking with friends, family and neighbors. And of course live out that love.

  2. romanticindeed

    I notice so many have questioned it, during these times, as they ask, “Where are all the good people, in a world like this?”

    Sad to say that perhaps it is true that the Devil speaks louder to people’s ears, over God. I like to think that it requires far more effort to be truthful, in life, over giving into a lie. I’ve said for a while that a lie is easy to consume, like a serpent swallowing it whole. Whereas, truth is like a meaty steak, bitten off in chunks, piece by piece, and not so easily digested if not properly chewed.

    People want ease, over something that would require more work, like doing good. I’m glad you are playing your part in this.


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