“Why?  All for the joy of extending creation, that that One might be aware of itself in an endless variety of form.  This is where it begins—the delight of creation.”  (“The Way of Transformation,” WOM, Chapter 16, Page 190 – 191)

Why did God move, in His infinite wisdom, to create us and everything surrounding us? Delight! May we know some of that delight as we view the results of His creation.

God needed to be “aware” of Himself. What does that mean? If there were only unity, in one God, He would not experience Himself as He can when He creates relationship among the differentiations of His Being. He individuated Himself to form energy essences in all their glory. And we were a part of that.

Now we are meant to go on to become co-creators with God. We can’t do this if we are trapped in an ego. We have to rise up to the Christ-Self that is our potential.

The future is bright for all of us who turn aside from fear and judgment so that we are in a position to let God “reach down” and lift us up. Of course, this is all interior action. Then we will experience Christ-consciousness in all its glory.

Our potential will be realized when we rise to be Christs. We, like Jesus, are meant to be One with God in blessing. Let us experience the joy of knowing that delight such as this is ours for the asking. Ask today that we all might be ready for God’s next action in lifting us up to Christ-consciousness.

He delays only until we are ready. And asking for a celestial speed-up is in His will.

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