Peace in Our Soul

“[S]tay for a few moments in the silence of your heart as you experience the peace of your soul as you hear these words:  You are safe and sound.”  Choose Only Love bk.3, 2:III

We all need to be sure that we are “safe and sound.”  Jesus knows us at least as well as we know ourselves, and many believe that much in Choose Only Love is channeled from him.

Jesus appeals to our heart, letting us know that when we turn there, we experience peace in our very soul.  Most of us fret too much when faced with the difficulties of our world and of our daily lives.  We need to turn somewhere, and this passage suggests that our soul needs us to turn to our heart.  This is a primary emphasis in A Course of Love as well.  We have lived in our deluded minds too long, entertaining an ego that did not mean us well.  But many of us are leaving madness behind as we choose to relinquish the ego at every point that it seeks to ensnare us.  And ALL of its points seek to ensnare us.

Link our soul to our heart today.  Our feelings will indicate to us when we have succeeded in this exercise.

God speaks in silence, and He often speaks to our heart because it is not caught up in remaining patterns of the ego.  See what our heart is trying to say to us today.  See what we need to discover.

Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

3 thoughts on “Peace in Our Soul”

  1. I’ve tried to analyze the person’s ego. What I’ve understood is that it’s very much a portrayal of self-doubt. As in, if an egoist has time to judge those deemed as lesser to them, then they have time to improve themselves, as well. No person can become perfect. Though, egotistical people will believe themselves as “too good” for others. They do doubt themselves, because they believe themselves stuck, due to also believing they have no more room for improvement. When others catch up, they inevitably are reminded that they still have learning to do.

    If God is the only perfection the universe can contrive, then He’d not be egotistical at all that he might never test our imperfections and our limits. He created us, meaning that he’ll forever treat us as his children. He knows we must grow, like any parent to a child. Though, I suppose He also knows we cannot ever attain His level of infinity, without forgetting who we are.

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